New Wonders
January 25

There hasn’t been a blog post in a while, but that doesn’t mean that Nomodaco hasn’t been busy… Last weekend we premiered our latest production – Under – at ZebraDans in Stockholm. “Under” is a Swedish word with multiple meanings and associations like “Wonders” and “Underneath” and with this interactive performance for babies between 4-18 months (!) we have tried to capture these different nuances.

Next week we will tour the work in Umeå & Skellefteå, before returning to Stockholm in March. You can read more about the performance here on the site. Hope to see you and your little ones!

Blog Under

Dans i skolanbiennal i Skellefteå
October 6
Nomodaco är i Skellefteå och jobbar med Skapande Skola-projektet Småstad.
Ett exempel är Byskeskolan åk 3 som gör statyer, rör sig som cyklar, smyger längs fasader och dansar skräp.
Hur ser stadens koreografi ut?
Kom och se vår stadsvandring på Skapande Skola-biennalen onsdag den 8/10 kl 1330 och hör Johannes Burströms fantastiska musik här!

September 2

After years of planning, We are happy to be in Umeå working with our dream project!

Performance Dates:
13 September kl. 19:11, PREMIERE SOLDOUT!
17 September kl. 18:57, performance SOLDOUT!
18 September kl. 18:54, performance SOLDOUT!
19 September kl. 18:50, performance SOLDOUT!
20 September kl. 18:47, performance SOLDOUT!

Make sure to book your free tickets here:

Happy Summer from Nomodaco!
June 18

Summer is here and Nomodaco is busy with all the branches of the European Culture Capital project STADEN.

Amongst others, the project is a part of the performance program for the dance encounter keðja in Mariehamn, Åland 6-9th of august.

The piece Reflex by Tove Skeidsvoll, will be shown on the venue Alandica the 8th of August. In connection, the result of a one week workshop with teenagers in Åland – Mariehamn – will be presented in and around the culture house. Check out the complete artistic programme forkeðja here.

In August the artistic team of STADEN will meet in Umeå – together with performers from Vietnam, France, Finland and Russia – to connect the dots and create the final performance installation. STADEN premieres 13th of September at the Arts Campus Area in Umeå, during the opening week of the new incubator and meeting place Sliperiet. Get you’re free tickets here!

The 8th of October we present another branch of STADEN at the National Institute for Dance in Schools Biennale in Skellefteå. School children, young dancers and professionals join in a performative city walk through the streets of Skellefteå.

Greetings from sunny Vaasa!
April 2

Nomodaco is in Vaasa right now rehearsing a part for our new Umeå 2014piece STADEN. We are happy to be a part of this great Nordic collaboration together with Watt & The Regional Dance Centre of Ostrobothnia. Tove is the choreographer for this piece and  Anna is dancing together with our amazing new dancers Veronika Yakushevich and Minttu Pietilä! Last Friday we were in the local newspaper Vasabladet, check it out in the pictures and video above!

Audition in Vaasa
February 7


Foto: Jujje Eriksson

Nomodaco, in collaboration with WATT – Danskonstnärerna i Vasa regionen rf. and Regionala Danscentret i Österbotten are looking for Finnish dancers for the new dance production STADEN.

The employment includes rehearsals and participation in a new 15 minutes piece, choreographed by Tove Skeidsvoll, as well as rehearsals and participation in a big installation performance – STADEN, a part of the Umeå European Capital of Culture 2014 Program. The material from the shorter piece, form the basis for the installation.

We are looking for two experienced professional dancers with strong contemporary dance technique and improvisational skills. The Audition will be held in Vaasa, the 22nd of februari 2014, at 11-5.15 am (Place for the audition and further information will be sent to you after registration). During this day of audition, two other choreographers, Mia Malviniemi and Marika Hedemyr, will also participate and are looking for dancers from all nationalities for future projects in 2014 and 2015.

The dancers needs to be available for these approximate dates 2014

24th of March – 11th of April, Rehearsals in Vaasa

28-29th of April, Work in Progress in the day of Dance in Umeå

3-9th of Augusti, Pre-premiere at Kedja, Nordic dancenetwork, Mariehamn Åland

25th of August – 20th of september, Rehearsal and Premiere of STADEN, Umeå

9-11th of October, tour Skellefteå

For registration, please send your CV before 17.2.2014 to:

Regionala danscentret i Österbotten:

Phone: +358 451364372

STADEN project is supported by Umeå Kommun, Umeå Kulturhuvudstad 2014, Kulturrådet, Konstnärsnämnden, Regionala Danscentret i Österbotten, and Kulturkontakt Nord.

Miljoona miljoona miljoona ruusua to Ostrobothnia, Finland
December 3

I´ve been back home in Sweden for a couple of days now and I´m still thinking about the places and the people I met under my mini-tour in Ostrobothnia, Finland. I visited retirement homes in Närpes, Korsnäs and Nykarleby where I performed my solo Kärleken till Tangon och Karaoken. These towns have a Swedish-speaking majority and very different Swedish dialects.

I noticed that every time when I was preparing my scenography to the sounds of the “Tangomestarit” cd the room filled up quickly. A slipper started to move to the beat. A head was bobbing. Maby these songs brought back memories, maby the roses were telling them something. I could see how they were enjoying sitting there, watching and listening. Everybody were there long before my performance started. It was peaceful. They where gathering around me in a big circle. It feelt good to dance, like a big hug.

After my performance I held a sitting workshop for both the elderly and the staff, after witch we sat down for a cup of coffee and chat, enjoyed some more Finnish tango music. One day a man started singing and another day two people entered the floor to do a finnish tango. It was touching.

I feel very greatful to have been able to visit these retirement homes. Thank you so much, especially Annika Sillander at Regional dance centre of Ostrobothnia for having me back. /Lina <3

Nomodaco on the road
November 11

We are now touring with our children’s performance Papiljong. We started in Sundsvall one week ago with a full house performance at Kulturmagasinet, a good start.  After that Mora and Umeå at NorrlandsOperan and Kultcentrum.

Now we are sitting with cup of coffee after a great monday morning show. Standing ovations and lot’s of love.

Storuman and Tärnaby coming up, See you soon!

Photo: Johan Dahlroth

Busy fall coming up!
September 9

Anna and Tove has recently started rehearsing the play HEM LJUVA ÅLIDHEM (picture above) together with Skuggteatern in Umeå – a multi-
disciplinary performance about the city’s most most renowned and notorius neighbourhood. It premieres the 11th of October – be sure to get your tickets!

On the other side of the Gulf of Botnia, Lina Lundin will show her  charismatic solo Ativan SKRÄCKÖDLAN about her Finnish roots during the elderly week in Vasa, Finland, 7-11th of October.

In November the children’s performance PAPILJONG will tour the regions of Dalarna, Västernorrland and Västerbotten. It’s a duet for the youngest (3-6 years) and their parents about lifing and landing – about daring to do everything you want… Check the calender for dates!

Nomodaco to America
May 21

The three members of Nomodaco are packing their bags – this summer Carolina, Tove and Anna all go west to research, network and take workshops!

Carolina will continue her research project My Body is Every Body, and return to New York, where she will make recordings for the performance as well as the film “Mothers” with dancers – age 60-75 –  within the Duncan, Graham and Cunningham technique. The project is a collaboration with levitra gel video artists Melissa Ramos and Rachael Brown, and composer Johannes Burström.

Tove has received a grant to work with the acclaimed choreographer and film director Noemi Lafrance in New York, and will draw upon her knowledge within making film for dance.

Anna has received a grant to join the Festival TransAmériques and the workshop Transformation in Montréal, where she among others will work with choreographers as Ginette Laurin/O Vertigo.


Umeå, Norrlandsoperan:
31 januari-1 februari kl. 11.00 & 13.00
Biljetter och info här

Skellefteå, Hallen:
2 februari kl. 10.00
Biljetter och info här


Lina Lundins danssolo Kärleken till Tangon & Karaoken fortsätter att spela på äldreboenden i vår! Lina kommer att besöka Borås den 24/2 och fira Sverigefinnarnas dag på två äldreboenden. I mars gör Lina återbesök i Örebro och i maj i Umeå och Trollhättan. I juni spelas den i Trelleborg.


Lina Lundins danssolo Kärleken till Tangon & Karaoken fortsätter att spela på äldreboenden i höst! Lina kommer att besöka Borlänge 28/9, Oxelösund 14/10, Hofors 27, 28/10, Torsåker 28/10, Hedemora 9, 10/11 och från den 18/11-9/12 turnerar föreställningen runtom i Örebro län.


Lina Lundins danssolo Kärleken till Tangon & Karaoken kommer att besöka äldrehem i Lycksele den 18/5, Holmsund 19/5, Vännes 20/5 och Skellefteå den 21/5.


Lina Lundin med danssolot Kärleken till Tangon & Karaoken besöker äldrehem i Hallstahammar och Lindesberg mellan den 27-29 april!


Lina Lundins danssolo Kärleken till Tangon & Karaoken kommer under vecka 9 att besöka äldreboenden i Örebro, Lindesberg, Köping, Fagersta och Skinnskatteberg!


Kärleken är på återbesök i Uppsala län & Enköping. Danssolot Kärleken till Tangon & Karaoken av/med Lina Lundin spelar föreställningen med efterföljande rörelseverkstad för Kultur i Vården på sammanlagt 11 stycken äldrehem, sjukhus & psykiatriska avdelningar under perioden 24/11-1/12.


Danssolot Kärleken till Tangon & Karaoken av/med Lina Lundin är på turné i Göteborg genom Speldags (Göteborgs  stads Kulturförvaltning) och besöker 19 stycken träffpunkter och äldrehem mellan den 3-16 november!


Danssolot Kärleken till Tangon & Karaoken med efterföljande sittande rörelseverkstad av/med Lina Lundin besöker fyra äldrehem i Enköping den 9, 10 oktober!


Audition for STADEN in Vasa, 22nd of February, send your CV for registration to: before 17th of February